The Pebble

This can be used for personal meditation or for a Labyrinth walk.


 Take the pebble which lay before you and gently roll it around in your hand,  Now ….

Imagine yourself as a pebble which has been  thrown into a river.  The pebble drops through the water effortlessly, detached from everything.  It falls quickly  reaching the bottom and a place of perfect rest.

Like the pebble you too have fallen and must let go of everything. Listen to your breath and  the beat of your heart. In this quiet space you find it unimportant the length of time it took to reach this point of rest on the soft sand of the river bed. Like the pebble, you are only concerned with the resting place and the soft stillness of the moment.

Sit now …. embrace the flow of mother earth in the rapids the move gently above you. Hold in your minds eye the simple image of floating with the current. Let everything that is troubling you drift away into the soft sand of the Mother’s womb. Rest there until you feel her fingertips brush your face and her breath softly caress your soul.

In this space, allow yourself to feel whatever comes to you, to see whatever drifts into your line of sight. Take these images and hold them close as you ready yourself to meditate (Walk the labyrinth) this night. Allow spirit to bring you to that soft, still bed of silence. With each breath (step) caress the pebble that you hold in the palm of your hand, and allow it to bring to your journey that same softness, that same restful ambiance.

Enjoy the quiet (your walk tonight) and as you return to the present; be mindful of what you see, feel, taste and hear as you do so. I think you might be suprised by what you experience.

  1. #1 by Angel Yragui on March 29, 2012 - 6:47 pm

    You have mentioned very interesting points! ps decent website.

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