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Geomancy – Creating Sacred Space

Geomancy is the art of placement of both secular and spiritual structures. Geomancy embraces the bridge between human consciousness and the Spirit of Place, geomancers locate and shape space in harmony with both its physical and spiritual environment. Geomancers are thus spiritual ecologists or masters of Sacred Geometry.
With sacred space, you might find a geomancer dowsing to locate the proper spot for a sacred site, while looking for astronomical connections, then designing the shape of the space. Each aspect of the space is evaluated in such a way so that whatever will be going in the space will be enhanced by the earth energies that exist there.

On a recent field trip for a course on Eco-Spirituality,  I discovered something I was totally unprepared for. In the course of the afternoon the instructor asked if anyone in class could name at least one tree that grew within a one mile radius of where they lived ….   Not one sadly could do so.  It appears that there are many city dwellers, including the well-educated ones, who honestly do not know what Nature looks like. They’ve never experienced it, except when She’s being ‘bad’ – as when the weather man says, “There’s some bad weather coming”.  No wonder environmentalists don’t strike a more responsive chord in the hearts of mainstream civilization.

The study of geomancy can tune you back in to Nature. To understand nature, you have to get outside and watch the Sun, Moon, and stars. To check for sacred geometry, you have to get out and measure. Be there. Outside. To experience it, you have to be there. The more you pay attention to a sacred space, the more Nature will speak to you. She’s alive!

A more ‘practical’ reason to get into geomancy is that on the secular level, you can help bring energetic balance to your home. There are places, like veins of underground water, over which you don’t want to spend much time. Dowsing and muscle testing can show you these places. You certainly wouldn’t want to sleep there, as these spots aid in degenerative dis-ease. Geomancers can deal with these zones of irritation, where there is geopathic stress. You can learn to work with these energies.
Also. there are places where it is easier to make contact with one’s Maker. In being able to competently set up a sacred space, or know how to use an ancient one, your rituals or other spiritual processes will be greatly enhanced.

There are certain places on the surface of this Earth where creativity and intuition are enhanced. Through geomancy these places can be determined, and you can then use these spots for that kind of work.

Geomancy is a great way to learn about a variety of different spiritual paths. But most importantly, at least for me, I find that as I walk with the energies of those who’ve crossed the planet before me I become less analytical, linear and  fact-oriented. In the process of discovery, we are able to master the way to find a balance between the  rational and the intuitive – consciously using both the left- and the right-brain gifts and skills the Almighty gave us.

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